Kids Photography




I have this wonderful magic formula for creating a connection with kids. It’s a “Play Date with the camera”.

We plan a fun day that gives the kids time to connect and feel comfortable. This is the formula that sets up real moments.

First we meet the kids. Then we let them watch while we set up some lights. We talk a bit have lunch together. This really helps us to connect. After lunch we play in the yard, then finish up with a fun location. The park or beach. We interact with them and kids feel like we are friends and this is fun!


Over the past 15 years of photographing people, by far I have had the most fun shooting kids. My goal is to capture genuine moments of your kids as they truly are. Creating a connection through a sense of play has always delivered the best results. I want to catch a real expression; an inquisitive glance, that mischievous smirk or that genuine laugh!

Trying to get them to sit and behave is never fun for anyone.

I find that letting kids run around and be themselves helps me capture them in their true element.

This Photo Session is not a formal photo shoot -

it's more like a play date with a camera.


Playdate photo shoot


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